PosBros started as an ambition to build a system that can do everything for a business. It started 14 years ago as a long-term goal and materialized by 2018. In the beginning, the company was only focused on providing the service on a handful of personally known clients, and gradually increased the demand through word-of-mouth. The Founder decided to create a website so business owners through-out the world can be reached.


The volume of clients that were interested exploded by 2019. Most of the clients were already organically reached and subscribed. PosBros has continued to grow and improve based on clients' feedback and suggestions. PosBros continued to rise as one of the top POS online and offline.


PosBros has been mentioned in a news post as one of the most reliable POS system.


PosBros has continued to grow as a system. We have come to realize that not all information are useful. We have meticulously cherry-picked features and information that are useful to our clients. We revamped the system and provided information that are only useful. PosBros has a special team of experts that analyzes and tests all data through intensive quality control to filter useless informations. We make sure that the software is comprehensive yet affordable. We hate it when we don't get what we paid for.

The Creative Geniuses

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PosBros - Vector Image Aeron


Technical Lead
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Creative Director
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Sr. Back-end Developer
PosBros - Vector Image Ralph


Sr. Front-end Developer
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Chief Marketing Officer
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Human Resource Manager
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Front-end Developer