PosBros point-of-sale and business assistant system

PosBros provides a system where you can manage all your business needs. We provide tools that will help you in all aspects of your business.



Our point-of-sale system has been developed for years and made sure that all the issues encountered by our business partners are addressed. We constantly improve the quality of the system by continuously updating it to the latest technology and feedbacks from our business partners, quality assurance team and clients.

PosBros point-of-sale provides all the needed tools such as but not limited to the following:

  • Customer Database
  • Barcode scanner / printer feature
  • Expenses management tool
  • Supply and inventory management
  • Reporting tool
  • Financial year calculator
  • CSR micro accounts with limited access to the system
  • Email and SMS Feature
  • Offline mode (Elite)
  • Dynamic pricing (Elite)
  • Inventory transfer adjustments (Elite)
  • Payment accounts
  • Bookings, orders, kitchen control settings (Elite)
  • Invoices, payment devices (Elite)
  • Reward points (Elite)

You can also refer to our documentation for detailed explanation on all the moving parts of the system.

Standard / Elite package

We have created two different POS that caters for any type of businesses. We decided to do an Elite package for you who wants to have a very detailed system that can cover all parts of your business. The Standard package, however, doesn't mean that its not better. The standard package covers all the necessary features and with a very easy approach. This is recommended for business owners who wants to have it simple yet effective. You can compare the two packages in our pricing page.


PosBros is a web-based POS system. The only requirement is based mostly on browser support however, we also have minimum requirements to make it work without any issues. You can see the hardware support page for further details.


We have a barcode scanner / printer feature which you can also see the requirements from the hardware support page. The Elite plan also has a kiosk / cash register feature. The peripherals suggestions and links to the nearest online stores are in the hardware support page.


We provide your system from our fast-loading with unlimited bandwidth domain. We also constantly do backups of all the databases to ensure that your data is kept secured with a backup. Please connect with us in the contact us page if there's any issue you have encountered.

Customer Support

If you have any inquiries, suggestions or complaints. Please reach us from the contact us page or by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen.

There were instances that client accidentally deletes important data in their system. We understand how important a backup for your system is. We are regularly doing backups of all the data so you can always reach us incase you have data that needs to be recovered.

Security and Confidentiality

We have an online security team that keeps a close eye on all potential issues that the application might encounter. We make sure that all your data are secured and confidential. No one has access to your data but you. We also have encrypted all important data in our system to make sure that there won't be any breach with your sensitive informations. We are also currently setting up 2FA ( Two-factor authentication ) so you will have double the security by connecting your Google Authenticator App with your account. This will be an important factor in securing your data so we are working non-stop to implement this feature.

We will constantly be updating this page for additional features, patches and versions of the system. You can subscribe to our newsletter so you wouldn't miss an update.

We have the system that will make your business easier for you, whatever industry it is.