PosBros App Documentation


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The dashboard of PosBros Point of Sale (POS) system provides a centralized interface for managing and monitoring various aspects of sales, transactions, inventory, and other key metrics within a retail or hospitality environment. PosBros Point of Sale (POS) system offers real-time insights and controls to streamline operations, drive business efficiency and to improve customer service.

The dashboard displays a summary of sales performance, including total sales, sales by product or category, and comparisons with previous periods. It provides an at-a-glance view of revenue, average transaction value, and other sales-related metrics.


POS image

PosBros Point of Sale (POS) system offers a dedicated tab specifically for managing and accessing all orders and customers. This section provides an overview of all orders and customers, displayed in a list or grid format.


Orders image

PosBros Point of Sale (POS) system "Orders" tab is the centralized location where all orders are located. This tab provides a comprehensive view of all the orders processed through our POS system.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner image

In this page, you can use your barcode scanner to scan the receipt generated by your barcode printer in the Ordes page. The page will preview the order based on the scanned receipt.

Order Status Screen

Order Status Screen image

In the order status screen, you will have the ability to drag and drop orders based on the status. There are currently four columns that describes the status of the orders. This columns will start to generate cards based on orders created from the Orders page.


Customers image

Customers can be recorded from this page. All the data you can gather from a customer will be recorded by clicking on the + Add new customer button at the top right of the screen. You can also create the customers right in the Orders page.


CSR image

This page has the record of all your CSR accounts. The CSR accounts are accounts that has limited access to your app. These are accounts for your employees that records services or purchased products from your Shop.

You can create unlimited number of CSR accounts for FREE. There is no need for an upgrade.


shops image

You can add Shops here so you can separate data and CSR accounts for each of your shops. All data recorded can be sorted by Shop and can also be computed by all the shops combined. You can add a shop by clicking on the + Add new shop button at the top right of the page.


Service List

service list image

You will be able to add all the services you offer in this page. These services can be separated by Service Type.

We are currently building our Product List variation for all the product based businesses. This wil be a part of version 1.2 that will be released soon.

Service Type

service type image

Service types can be created from here. Service types are categories for each of your services where you can separate the data based on its type. This is very useful when sorting out different product categories or if you have more than one service offered.

Service Icons

service icons image

It is easier to differentiate a service by addng icons. You can upload your icons here or use the default icons PosBros has provided. You can also request for customized icons in our Contact Us page for personalized experience.


service addons image

Service addons are items you can include in your services. These addons will have it's own price and will be added to the total amount of the service provided.


Expense List

expense list image

You can easily manage the expenses for your service by adding your expenses here. This will be tallied over the income of your services that will be reflected in the reports.

Expense Category

expense category image

You can categorize the expenses here. May it be for your bills, ingredients, etc.


Daily Report

daily report image

Daily report has the record for all your expenses, income and orders daily. This reflects real-time and you will be able to compare data from previous dates.

Order Report

order report image

Here you can see all the details for your orders. The page has a filter function where you can filter out what data you need which can be sorted by order status or display data from a specific shop only. There is also a date range picker where you can gather data from a given timeframe.

This page is very important in managing your orders and this page is being updated real-time.

Sales Report

sales report image

Sales report is similar to the order report but with detailed information specific to sales. You can compute for the gross and net income for each order and the complete summary of transactions within a given timeframe.

Expense Report

expense report image

You can easily organize your expenses here. We have a date picker here where you can set the given timeframe for all the expenses. Lots of the clients requested to have a monthly report of the expenses here by default.

We are also in the planning phase of the reminder via email for the monthly expenses such as electricity bill.

Version Upgrade

We are currently working on the patch version 1.2 which has the new features as follows:

  • Product List : An alternative to the Service List which caters businesses that are more focused on products instead of services


  • Table mapping for restaurants
  • Customizable UI with Drag and Drop feature
  • Email campaigns support for all subscribed clients