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Online Point-of-sale system made for any kind of business.

We make sure we can cater your POS needs whatever your business is. We have developed a system where you have full control over all aspects of a point-of-sale system. We can also customize your experience. Just let us know if you need a personalized experience.

Standard Plan @ $12/month
Original subscription price is $20/month

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Standard plan

includes the following:
  • Customer database
  • Web based point-of-sale with barcode scanner / printer support
  • Expenses management tool
  • Supply and inventory
  • Very easy to understand reports interface
  • Financial year calculator
  • Theme and templates based on your choice
  • 24/7 customer support
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Elite plan

includes the following:
  • All features of Standard plan
  • Elaborated User management
  • Product-based POS
  • Offline support
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Purchases and Sales
  • Inventory Transfers and Adjustments
  • Payment Accounts
  • Elaborated Reports
  • Bookings, Orders and Kitchen Control Center
  • Theme and templates based on your choice
  • Invoices, Payment Devices, Email and SMS feature
  • Reward points feature
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What our clients says about us

Customer database

In today's competitive business landscape, understanding your customers and delivering exceptional experiences is crucial for success. With PosBros POS system's advanced customer database feature, you can harness the power of data to take your business to new heights.

Our system has integrated customer database to help you keep manage of customer details. This can help you easily find a location or a contact number, and to see all transactions of a customer.

Customer Database Image

Offline mode (Available on Elite)

We understand that a stable internet connection is not always guaranteed, and it shouldn't hinder your business operations. That's why PosBros POS system now comes equipped with an advanced offline mode feature, ensuring seamless functionality even when you're offline. You can still operate offline and your data will be kept secured. The system will then upload all data gethered when you we're offline into the server.

Don't let internet connectivity limitations slow you down. Embrace the power of offline mode and discover a more reliable and efficient way to run your business. Try our POS system today and experience the seamless transition between online and offline operations.

Offline Mode Image

Personalized experience

In today's hyper-connected world, customers expect personalized experiences that go beyond the ordinary. PosBros POS system empowers you to create extraordinary moments by tailoring every interaction to your customers' unique preferences. Get ready to unlock a new level of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth. We have teams ready to work on any personalization that you need. We make sure to deliver within the communicated schedule and quality is top-notch.


Personalized Experience Image

Product-based or Service-based businesses

We can cater your business POS needs whatever your business is. While other POS are only focused on a certain business, we made ours to be flexible for your business. From pizza parlors, restaurants, supermarkets to barbershops, spa, warehouses, you can definitely use our POS. There is an option to create products or to have a log of all the services your business offers. Whatever your business is, you need PosBros!

Product Based Image

Adjustable theme layout

From the beginning of your registration or anytime of your operation, you can easily change the layout of your UI. We know that people have their own preferences and we want you to be comfortable using our system. So we made you something that you can have fun with! We are continuously building themes that you can customize based on your taste.

Adjustable Theme Image

CSR Accounts

At PosBros, we believe in the transformative power of corporate social responsibility (CSR). That's why our POS system offers unlimited CSR accounts, enabling you to create a positive impact on multiple fronts. With unlimited CSR accounts for your POS system. Embrace social responsibility, engage employees, collaborate with partners, and make a lasting impact across various causes. Experience the profound difference your business can make when CSR knows no bounds.

CSR Accounts Image

24/7 customer support

We have a mix of early birds and night owls that are always on standby waiting to help you in any of your concerns. We are always here to help! Just tap the chat box or contact us.

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    Customer support
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    Customer feedback
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Easy payment schemes

We understand the importance of providing a wide range of payment options to accommodate your preferences. That's why PosBros POS system offers seamless integration with major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. By supporting these popular payment methods, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction experience and you can choose to cancel your subscription anytime.

easy payment schemes

Easy Payment Schemes Image


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Practical and easy to use

Our mission here at PosBros is to serve the best POS there is in the internet. We have already tried to use other POS services online for our own businesses and realized that others lack the features while others bombards us with information that we don't need. So we decided to develop our own system that has the smartest and most practical way of using.

Info Icon

Enough of the unnecessary information!

We here at PosBros don't want to waste your time learning how our system works. We keep it simple and easy to use. No learning curve where you spend days just to understand how to use the system! We give you all the information that you need and throw away those that are just non sense. This way, you can focus on making your business grow.

Continuous Icon

Continuous improvements

We have lots of ideas in the pipeline! We always make sure that the system is perfect in its own way. We understand your concerns in POS systems and we know what to do. All features and movements are carefully studied in order to make the system more intuitive for our beloved clients. We have our Github and documentation for you, our clients to express what you feel about the system. We are all ears and will make sure that your concerns and ideas are heard and implemented.